On ‘Feeling Nervous’… it’s a ‘good thing’!

From The R3 Approach here’s a bit of discussion about ‘feeling nervous’! :)

Feeling It!:  The phrase ‘Feeling It’ as it relates to our emotional processes is semantically not the same as the ‘feel’ we talk about in terms of playing a golf shot.  ‘Feel’ing’, as we are using the term here applies more to its conceptual implications that are better understood by using the term ‘feelings’.  ‘Feelings’, as in my ‘feelings’ are hurt, or I’m ‘feeling’ queasy (used as we prepare to tee off in front of a huge mass of people that we do not know J!…just kidding of course this is really a ‘fun thing’ when we get to do it), or I’m feeling ‘kinda nervous about this putt!  These are the kind of ‘feelings’ that we are talking about here and they too, as you know, are very much a part of ‘The Game’!

As we discuss in the R3 Approach, there is a distinct difference between our ‘emotional processes’ and our ‘mental processes’!  The two exist very close to one another, both happening right there in ‘our mind’ and ‘our brain’ (and there is a difference between the two!).  ‘Emotional Processes’ as we will be using the terms in The R3 Approach refers our ‘feelings’ manifesting in some sort of physiological way.  It’s completely normal and natural for us to feel nervous or excited, elated or frustrated.  In the field of Psychology they refer to the elevated state of a person’s nervous system as being in a state of arousal or a ‘heightened state attention’.  Whatever we want to call it, butterflies are butterflies and we can deal with them but wasps will sting and we have to deal with that too!

It’s our job as a ‘Solid Player’ to get those butterflies flying in formation and ‘overcome’ the pain of a sting!  When we compete we can expect our heart rate to increase, we can expect our blood pressure to spike up a bit, and we can expect our adrenalin and endorphin levels to increase a bit, these are all natural physiological responses of the human body to competitive situations!

As we come to understand how to ‘creatively embrace’ and not ‘competitively fight’ these ‘uneasy feelings’ we will recognize that these ‘feelings’ are actually used to our advantage during a competition!  It’s when we don’t have the ‘butterflies’ that we’re in trouble!

As an R3’er we will realize that our ‘Creative Mind’ ‘wins-out’ the vast majority of the time over our ‘Competitive Mind’ during ‘stressful moments’ prior to or during a competition!  
This is what makes ‘competition’ so exciting and so much fun!

Once we ‘jump in’ and ‘relax into the flow’ of the competition all those strange feelings quiet down, the butterflies will now ‘fly in formation’.  Often times we are able to perform at even higher levels than we would in less competitive, less stressful situations!   

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